To the right are several short YouTube videos showing how to search PI with ZOOMS. The four key ways to search PI are:
  • By Tag
    Searching by tag is the most basic function of using PI. For users versed in tag names, this feature is available.
  • By Unit/Alias
    Many tags can be associated to a unit and is often called by the parameter it measures. ZOOMS understands unit/alias keyword pairings and can plot the resulting tag on a trend.
  • By Product (procedure)
    Often, users have trouble remembering the start/end times of the trend they are searching. Being able to subset PI Batch data is key in speeding users on their way. ZOOMS understands keywords related to batches and will return the list of batches that match.
  • By TimeWindow
    In addition to searching trends, ZOOMS searches TimeWindows - again - to speed users to finding their trends.
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