Single Version of the Truth

  • In both Business Excellence and Data Management, "One Set of Numbers to Run the business" and "Single Version of the Truth" are foundational ideas on which to build good operations.
  • Primordial Spreadsheets
    Most businesses evolve from primordial spreadsheets and documents dispersed across local hard-drives; which makes sense for early businesses who correctly focus on delivery value.
  • Success happens
    And while databases are proven technology, our customers are businesses that succeed faster than the deployment of the information infrastructure. But in time, they select databases such as OSIsoft PI to manage plant information.
  • One Set of Numbers
    Information systems like PI give management "One Set of Numbers" to run the plant. But if the technology limits access or is rigid in usability, there will be many versions of the truth as workers re-format the data (in spreadsheets) to make sense of the data.
  • Single Version of the Truth
    One Set of Numbers + Access + Usability = Single Version of the Truth. ZOOMS provides this access and usability for PI.
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